Go Surfing

Learn what it feels to have the wave push you along as you stand up and glide along the water. Surfing is more than a sport. It’s a lifestyle. Come and join the fun as we celebrate nature in its purest form!

In this 2 hour experience, guests will work with our experienced instructor to learn the basics of ocean safety and how to work with the ocean to achieve your surfing goals. You will soon realise that standing on the board is only a small part to the bigger picture surfing has to offer.

Each lesson will be adapted to you or your groups surfing level and your confidence in the ocean. For Beginners: We will be focusing on understanding the basics to catching your first wave. The technique, the timing and of course the attitude we use when learning something new. For intermediates/advanced: We will work together on trying to catch more waves through understanding them better. We will focus on the importance of timing and positioning in the line up. This will increase the quality and quantity of waves caught.


Accredited instructor, board, wetsuit and photographer (upon request.)

Food and drinks and gratuities.

Swimsuit, sun cream, towel, water bottle, something warm, cash for additional food and drinks and casual wear.

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