Traditional South African Braai (BBQ) & Wine Masterclass




Hi there, my name is Nick & I am the co-founder of Local Knowledge Cape Tours. We are a youth travel and tour guiding company that is dedicated to doing something completely unique. We aim to move away from the norm and look to show our guests the best kept secrets that Cape Town has to offer. By avoiding the main tourist attractions, we provide an authentic experience as we ensure that our guests get emerged into the location and the culture of the places we take them. We show our guests what the locals enjoy doing on a regular basis…we show them our perspective of what this beautiful city has to offer. Although the Covid-19 Pandemic has closed our borders, we will continue to share our culture and show our international friends what it means to be South African!


Itinerary: What we’ll do


In South African, a ‘braai’ (a BBQ on an open flame) is a celebration. Although we are an extremely diverse nation, it is the tradition that is present throughout the country. The fire unites us and brings people from different cultures together. Join the celebration and learn what it means to be South African as we teach you the intricacies of a South African braai while providing insight into the history of the Cape Wine Region and the exceptional wines produced.

Learn how to prepare a world class meal, South African style, and gain insight into our rich wine culture in our Wine & Braai Masterclass.



-Learn the intricacies of a South African cultural practices

-Gain insight into the heritage and history of South Africa

-Learn the fundamentals of a world class BBQ and improve your understanding of South African wine culture

-Meet locals and fellow guests from around the world

-Escape your routine and make some new friends in our Braai Masterclass Workshop


Setting: Where we’ll be


Enjoy the exceptional scenery from your home as our braai will take place in the vineyards of a private wine estate that is located in the heart of one of the most iconic wine regions in the country!


Requirements: What you’ll need 


-Meat: Steak and/or lamb chops

-Spices: Rosemary, coriander, olive oil, garlic, onion, salt and pepper

-‘Braai Broedtjies’ (grilled cheese sandwiches on the braai): Cheddar and Gouda cheese, onion, a loaf of bread, tomato and butter

-Green salad: Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, avocado, feta cheese, honey, mustard and olive oil

-Fireplace/grill: Wood, fire-starter/lighter, matches, metal grid, metal poker and metal tongs


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