“We need to know, with a fresh conviction, that we all share a common humanity and that our diversity in the world is the strength for our future together.” – Nelson Mandela.

South Africa is a Rainbow Nation. Home to countless communities, each with their own unique culture, language & traditions. A country once divided, connected by our love for our homeland & it’s optimistic future.

To create an inclusive future, we must not forget the lessons from our painful past.

Join our two-day immersive experience in celebration of the beautiful intricacies of the many unique cultures that make up our Rainbow Nation. Hear the inspiring stories of members of the community first-hand and experience how they choose to uplift themselves and help up-skill their fellow neighbours.


Day 1:

Cape Malay cooking workshop. From shopping for spices to authentic meal prep in a local residents kitchen

Learn the history of the djembe firsthand by joining an African drum jam session

Gain a deeper insight into the history of the Langa Township by joining a local entrepreneur & gallery owner who uses art as a vehicle to communicate the community’s story

Enjoy an iconic pap & chackalaka lunch & a traditional umqombothi beer tasting at a local shebeen

Hear the uplifting story of an ex-gangster who turned his life around over a meal at an institutional fish n chips shop overlooking the sea (Kalky’s)

Day 2:

Woodstock Street Art Tour Throughout South Africa’s history, street artists have been labeled as criminals. Our art has been perceived as vandalism. But these lawmakers can’t stop us because this is not about rebelliousness. It’s about freedom of speech. Although our canvas may differ, our intentions are as pure as any other artist’s. We’re all rule breakers with a message…whether it was ‘Free Madiba’ or it is ‘Free Palestine’, the intention attracts attention. Attention unites & enables action. And consistent action results in change.

Get your hands dirty by planting vegetables at local community garden.

Immerse yourself in the entrepreneurial district of one of the country’s fastest-growing townships by bike. Experience an introduction to Xhosa with local residents. Join a local barista workshop & share a few “zamaleks” (local beer) at Rands Bar

Give back by donating to a local impact program/community NGO (Likhewezie/Waves4Change/Sentinel Ocean Alliance)

Traditional South African braai experience with a local, Afrikaans farmer. Tasting traditional dishes such as biltong, boerie roll, melktert & cooksisters

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