We’re on a mission is to empower the next generation to consciously discover & experience the world while facilitating meaningful connections & positively impacting local communities.

— Nick Schooling, Founder

We believe that conscious, experiential travel has the power to change the world! It’s real-world education through self-discovery…

Exposing ourselves to new cultures enhances our empathy, understanding & acceptance of others.

Reconnecting with natural reminds us of the benefits of a simple, conscious & natural existence. It promotes a wild freedom & living in the present.

Challenging ourselves & getting out of our comfort-zone contributes to self-discovery. A reminder to live with purpose & meaning.

At Local Knowledge, we offer personalised experiences, not tours. Our team consists of accredited local legend hosts & category experts, not guides. With us, you’re a traveller, not a tourist.

We facilitate meaningful connections in extraordinary places. Creating a community & sense of belonging.

Our goal is to exceed our guests’ expectation by providing unmatched attention to detail (the ‘I can’t believe they thought of that’ moments) while our inside access redirects traffic from hotspots to the countless quality, hidden gems that make up the heart & soul of a city.

We’re here to share our stoke, our infectious passion, lifelong curiosity & gratitude for our natural world. Creating a movement that has a positive impact on local communities.

Experience Cape Town Like A Local